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Spray applied foam roofs allow the residential consumer to achieve dual benefits. The roof application is a monolithic seamless product which can build tapers to aid in drainage on a flat roof. The spray application can be applied to parapet walls and roof equipment (air conditioning units or evaporative coolers) and is considered self flashing. The added benefit is the insulation value of the foam roof.

Many older homes in the Rock Mountain west were designed with flat or very low sloped roofs with little insulation. Flat roofs are difficult to waterproof in the first place and many of these homes cannot be insulated due to open beam ceilings or no crawl space.

Sprayed Foam Insulation and Roofing offers seamless insulation and waterproofing on the top side of the residence. The system offers typical insulation values or R 6.7 to R 13 of additional insulation. Since the insulation is seamless, the insulation is extremely effective. The system also provides exceptional leak protection.

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Residential Home